Meet The Reaneys

We’re the Reaneys! Cheesy, yet true. Here’s our story…

We rent our current home. In a little town called Street, in Somerset.

We have always rented, from our first home in Germany, a tiny 2 bed flat where our life together began, married quarters in Germany & Wiltshire, to private renting here now, we are on home number 6. Out of all of our homes, this is by far the most expensive to survive in.

At £925 a month. Even with a double income, Mike is a lorry driver, I’m a hairdresser, we both have average incomes, but together they’re great, we struggle to save!

Once or twice in the past I mentioned, hey, shall we sack it all in and borrow someones bedroom for a year? It’s the perfect way to save that dreaded 5%! NO, no way, we couldn’t, how would we live? How could we survive? No, it’s stupid. And on and on we went, sadly without knowing, just, existing. Still with those dreams of owning our own home tucked away deep down inside, safe.

Recently, realising we are just existing, and struggling. We sat and questioned ourselves. And finally came to realise, ‘What do we have to lose?!’

So, we started thinking, do we rent a 1 bed flat? Do we just downsize to a 3 bed? Only possibly saving £100 or so a month? Baring in mind, to buy a house in our area, 5% means at least £15k, or most likely, more. (thanks Londoners for relocating and demanding your country residence here making the locals suffer to get on the market, it is however, a beautiful area)

So even with the new budget, stamp duty cuts, making buying land easier etc, we STILL need 5% at least to be taken seriously. So sod it! Lets bloody well go for it!!!!


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