Change of Plan…?

It’s Christmas though!

Honestly, with Christmas just 15 days away, panic is setting in that we intended to move the 1st week of January.

We have 1 box packed. Of DVD’s only because we sold the bookcase they lived on that I now wonder if we needed to keep.

Second guessing is my problem in life. Questioning everything no matter how determined I am to bring this to reality.

We have lived together as a couple and family for nearly 9 years. That’s a lot of stuff! Isn’t it! We’re genuinely considering just moving as we are and cramming in our stuff at Mary’s and de cluttering along our journey. The more stuff I look at the more I want to keep it all. And the more I want to keep the more I realise this is a complicated move. And the more I realise that the more I want to change the move date to give us more time! But the later we move the more rent we pay on this current money pit and less goes into our savings.

Quite honestly I’m bloody stressed and seriously terrified. I want us all to feel at home at Mary’s and to a point I already do. The house is SO much like my Grandparents house I spent a lot of my childhood at. And Mary is like family. Very much so, without even living with her yet she holds a special place in our hearts.

This next month is going to 100% try my strength and determination as a wife, mother, woman, heck a human!

I think it’s lost making time…watch this space (or blog)

Merry 10th Dec

The Reaneys

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