Merry Christmas

So it’s Christmas Eve Eve.

The house is finally in some sort of order, working full time and running a household is no laughing matter when you have 4 (ok 3 and a husband) children ruining it daily!

I literally spend every day off doing housework! It had gotten quite out of hand and I nearly cancelled Christmas! But I hammered it today to the point of sweat dripping down my forehead. Yep. Gross.

So, as we get so close the the big day, I feel more and more prepared to gut this house and get it ready to move. I saw Mary at work this week and we had a good catch up. I almost wish we had moved in already and got it done! But alas, we aren’t that clever. So we will be concentrating on the festivities and once they’re done and dusted we can start getting bits sorted! So so excited to get this all going! I will be posting many more blogs more regularly when life settles a bit after this silly season!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!

Love, The Reaneys

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