Another one done…

Well that’s it. Another Christmas Day done.

Isn’t it funny, months of prep and stress over the turkey, the cranberry sauce, the wrapping paper to coordinate with your house and tree, festive days, festive nights. And it’s over in just a few hours.

Next year we will be with Mary at Manor Farm. I can envision what Christmas Day will be like. Which is exciting! I had many thoughts yesterday about it. Will the children enjoy it as much, will it feel like our Christmas Day? Wondering if we will be anywhere near our goal. Anywhere close to what we need in today’s property market. All we can do is try! All we can do is our best.

We had such a wonderful day yesterday, filled with presents, laughter, arguments, tears, hugs food and drink (for us big people)

I’m very much in the house sorting mode. The boxes are building in all the corners of the house and for once I don’t mind! We still only have 1 packed but that’s ok! January is a long month. Ish

Happy Boxing Day!

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