It’s Official!

What an amazing day. We’ve been very busy organising things and visiting Mary at Manor Farm & we’re so excited to say we have an official move date! Mary wrote it in her diary and everything so it must be real!

Wow. How exciting! We had yet another wonder round the house. And I made sure what I plan on bringing and keeping with us in the house will fit.

We spent the afternoon drinking tea, eating biscuits, planning things and playing hide and seek. I honestly struggled to get the children to come home with me! It really warms my heart how lucky we are to spend the next couple of years of our lives with Mary in this incredible setting, and that the children are comfortable enough also to play around the house already without me (even though it is slightly scary in the dark)

This picture is the view from what will be my bedroom window, my view! I will wake up to this every day! Can you believe that? I feel so at home there it’s untrue and I’m just incredibly sad I’m not already living there already!

Very nearly everything is in place to make sure Mary is happy with what’s happening and it’s nearly time to hand our notice in on this house and notify the necessary people.

For now, we will keep moving bits over every weekend (we only have 4.5 left before the move day) and try and stay as clear headed and sensible about all this as possible, because I bloody hate moving!

10th Feb, come at us!!

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