It will be ok.

As I lay in bed this morning, willing myself to get up and get sorted to go back to work, I wonder if I regret taking yesterday off as it always throws my work flow motivation system. But then I think, how in the world can taking time to spend with my husband not be ok?

Here’s a little about us and our situation. I’m a hairdresser, I work Monday to Friday mostly 9.30-5. One day I work until 7.30pm. Which is awful. Simply for the fact, on that day. I don’t see Mike at all. You see, he works nights driving lorries. Not his ideal or dream job. He does it for us. To support my job. My dream. The children. He goes to bed at 4pm. Yep. I know, I finish at 5pm. So on those days, he has to wait up until I’m actually home from work. We cross paths with a quick “you ok? Kids been alright? Thanks for dinner babe” and he goes to bed. That is how most days go. He goes to bed. We then have to be so extremely quiet there’s no room for noise. At all. From our CHILDREN! Isn’t that awful? So he then works his what should be 9 hour shift, but doesn’t usually finish or get home until about 3/4 hours after that and he picks the children up from school and we do it all over again.

Back in Oct/Nov I took on more hours at work, which I had waited a very long time to do. I was thrilled! I still am! Financially we need it so much. But in doing that, I gave up 2 days off in the week where we used to have to us, when he got home from work we would have a few hours to ourselfs while the children were at school. Now we don’t have any time just to us. Ever. And I don’t have any time just to me, and that I guess in a way is really affecting both of us.

By giving up those days, we have really struggled. Not with routine or the children or financially (well, no more than usual!) but with us, me and Mike. Mummy & Daddy. We have things going on in our lives that are so incredibly stressful right now, some of which I can’t talk about yet. And obviously life in general as working parents on a budget isn’t much fun! So, should I have taken yesterday off to spend with him. Hell YES! We talked, we ate, we cuddled, we watched tv, we ignored our phones, we loved one another and found why we’re still together after nearly 10 years, 3 deployments, countless months apart, living in a different country, already. being Mummy to Isabel when we met, having 2 babies in Germany and Mike being sent away for months just weeks after them being born, losing 2 babies, one of which while Mike was serving in Afghanistan, losing my Dad that same year, another move, this time back to the UK, another baby loss, another move, this time back home,

Quite honestly, you name it we’ve been through it. And that’s why we’re still together. We are stronger than ever. But sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way, simply because we’re only human! This move can only bring light to our lives and hope to our hearts. If we can concur all of that, we have for this in the bag

Lauren & Mike, est. 2009

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