It’s Begun

It’s Begun. Last weekend we moved some stuff over to Manor Farm. We managed to move a fair amount and it was amazing! We were thrilled at how easy it was and we’re moving more over today, hoping for the same result. The reasoning behind moving small bits over with our cars (we have 2 for work) and if we knuckle down we could do a couple of runs. Meaning less to move on the 10th with the van when it’s just us! We have no help on the move day and I have a weak back from a previous move and a very heavy fridge freezer.

This week however, I’m not that excited, this week, I heard some really shitty opinions on us and what they thought of this happening and it broke my heart. So, with that happening I’m a little more worried about the move and how it will go once we’re in. But, it’s just an opinion isn’t it. These people don’t know me and Mike and my family. Anyone can have an opinion. It’s just up to you how you process it.

So, it’s breakfast time (and coffee definitely need some coffee) and we still have to actually pack the boys room, but that’s ok, I will crack on and hammer through it, I’m determined I’m going to have at least one of my days off to myself and that day is tomorrow!

It’s Saturday, I’m exhausted from work and school runs and would love a full weekend off, but, just 3 weeks time and we’re in!

Happy weekend

The Reaneys

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