But first, coffee

It’s the morning of Saturday the 27th of January. We have 3 weekends left, including ‘the big move’ which is actually turning out to be just ‘the weekend we start sleeping at Manor Farm’.

I have been wide awake since 6.30 willing myself to go back to sleep. But no, my head is just to full of plans and thoughts and worries. So I’m up, coffee, then I’m going to absolutely hammer this kitchen! I will leave enough to cook with, a frying pan, a saucepan and plates and cups enough for 1 each. The rest, charity box, Manor Farm box, tip box (or bag I’m not wasting boxes for rubbish!)

Do you ever feel, when you commit to packing the kitchen, that confirms the move? Honestly I feel like I have a million milestones we keep hitting and then I’m all “yeh this is real now” and this is another one. My last one was handing in our notice on this house on Monday just gone.

My mum is coming to help today, she going to come and see Mary’s and hopefully meet Mary too if she’s about. And have the children in her car so we can load both of ours to the rafters and just keep going all day long and empty this place! Fingers crossed! I really am hoping we get so much done this weekend and next weekend we can use the move date weekend to sort this place to paint it and clean it back to handover standards!

I had a funny dream last night. One of my colleagues Connie (hi con) was in my house and went upstairs, she came down and was like, “Lau, mate, that ain’t happening! Have you seen it? F;£&in hell babe good luck”

So yeh, that happened! Admittedly my bedroom has fallen to pieces in the last 2 weeks, I have baskets of washing I’m stepping around simply because I refuse to pack away clothes to move it again before I wear it! So hopefully I can get all that sorted too but for now it’s the kitchen, the cupboard under the stairs (help) and the garage! Christ

More coffee needed….

The Reaneys

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