7 days!

You know that last week before you move, it’s usually pretty crazy, busy, stressful, time flies by…yeah not for us! This move as you know is so different, we’re getting rid of SO much stuff, we’ve donated so much to charity (which included a bag of our shoes I intended to keep, and when I tried to get them back someone had stolen our entire donation from outside the charity shop!) and we have already moved so so much to Manor Farm, the move day itself will be so much easier! We have roped in my friends man (hi Sam & Rob) as he’s beefy and can can Mike lift the heavy stuff *happy claps*. So this week and the previous few have actually dragged by! I’m SO ready to get out of this house and be done, and Mary is so ready for us to be there.

Last weekend we took my mum over to meet Mary and see the place, which all went so well I was thrilled! They got on so well and Mum just loved being there (it’s definitely contagious)

1 week tomorrow we’ll be waking up at Manor Farm for the very first time. I’m actually getting quite emotional about it all, for good reasons, I’m just so overwhelmed with how lucky we are to know Mary and be offered this opportunity. Saving for a house is no easy task, with 3 children and rent prices as they are, living costs and income, the pressure you can feel to get on the market is incredibly daunting and stressful, Mary has given us such an opportunity and we will forever be in her debt.

1 week!!!!!

The Reaneys

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