So, sometimes I want to sit and pour my heart out to you all (all 17 who read my last blog post, high 5 to you)

Sometimes I’d love you to know everything about our life right now. I could sit and write for hours, just what has happened in our nearly 10 years together. The good and the bad. But, not now, not yet.

So for now, here’s a little heart to heart (the soppy bit) This man, right here, is Mike. My husband. My absolute sanctuary. The most selfless being I have ever had the honour of knowing. And he’s all mine.

We met 10 years ago on the 1st May 2008. While we got to know each other, he was actually on his second deployment in Iraq. We talked everyday and within a couple of months I was in for it, good and proper, love.

Within 1.5 years together we were married, already having had Isabel our eldest, we decided to have another baby, Oliver, born 2010, and another, Ben, born 2012.

We have been through so very much I won’t write about yet (but I think when I do and my life is turned into an Oscar winning film I’ll have Dakota Johnson playing me please thanks, and I’ll co-direct)

Having had a pretty awful 2014, we decided he should leave the army after 12 years service. Since then he has worked driving lorries on a night shift 1am start for nearly 2 years, meaning we barely ever see each other, honestly, our life in the army was such better quality. Life isn’t always greener, is it.

In an ideal daily routine, he would go to bed around 4pm, get up around 11.20/12 midnight and start work at 1am. Finishing at what should be 10am or earlier, coming home to me being at work and the children at school, eat nap shower, pick the children up and go to bed to do it all again.

What actually happens is, he goes to bed at 5.30/6, once I’m in from work as we have ZERO childcare and can’t afford it for 3 children every day after school (who the hell can in the real world) so he picks the children up from school, after probably only being home an hour as his employers take the absolute piss and give him 15 hour shifts. So he gets home past 12pm or later, picks up the children, takes them home and cleans up, does dinner for when I get home (I know, keeper) and we eat together, that’s our time for the day together done, 20 minutes over a plate of food, then he goes to bed. To do it all again. We actually figured out, last year, we spent roughly 120 nights together. But half of those were mike absolutely crashing with tiredness no use to anyone!

He has done this for 2 years, all to keep this roof over our heads, all to provide for us. To let me have the job of my dreams doing what I love. This man, is everything.

I used to sit and moan, oh he’s on duty, he’s late again, he’s at a mess meeting, he’s half an hour late…I’m so glad I’m past that hideous stage of taking everything for granted.

If you have a Mike, hug him, tell him how amazing he is, make him feel as special as you want him to make you feel. And appreciate every moment you have with them, we don’t get many, but the ones we do get, are wonderful.

” Let me be your sanctuary, let me be your safe place to fall. I can take away your worries, the refuge from it all.

All this time, we have together, is our shelter from the rain. I will share the weight you carry, let me be your sanctuary.”

The Reaneys

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