We’ve been in Manor Farm for 1 week 1 day! I can’t believe we’ve been in for an entire week. We’ve all settled in really well, that’s not hard when Mary is your housemate. We’ve had dinner together every night. We’ve enjoyed lots of wine. We’ve talked about our past, we’ve bonded.

When a person like Mary comes into your life, and shows you true generosity like this, it brings to light, just what kindness can mean to someone so in need of it. No, our lives aren’t bad, no we aren’t unlucky (in most ways) no, we aren’t skint. But when you want something so bad, and someone does everything in their power to help you achieve it. That, is the purest of souls. And what makes it even better, she won’t take any compliments for it. She is the most humble person.

This week has well and truly flown by. I’ve very nearly unpacked everything (that we need in the house) and the children are behaving like they’ve lived here all their lives. They’re sleeping in, playing together, playing alone, sitting with Mary. The days are lovely, nights are peaceful, life is good.

We are lucky.

The Reaneys

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