Well that’s it then

Tomorrow is the day.

This is house number 6 for us, Manor Farm is number 7. 4 of those moves have been what are called “March in/outs” of our military quarters which are rather strict. This move I feel will be the hardest “civvy” end of tenancy. As lovely as our landlord is (as lovely as landlords can be) I have a feeling this will be quite a white glove situation. We have worked our sodding backsides off this month sorting everything and to be honest I’m shattered. With both of us still working full time, day shift and night shift hours, splitting this entire nightmare has been really sodding hard work. Tonight is the first night this week I Havnt spent at the house with the children cold tired and hungry while I work tirelessly to clean paint sweep, for mike to do the garage, sort the garden, do the tip runs. All after both of us working a full day!

It’s been really quite horribly tough and we can not wait to see the back of that place, or it see the back of us as we drive away towards a chuffing great glass of bubbly!

That is, if we get our deposit back! Yes there’s wear and tear, yes we’ve lost a couple of keys, but apart from that we genuinely have done our very best to get this place in shape. Not that it was horrid but we’re respectful tenants! This part of moving is THE most stressful, can we agree? I can’t believe (hopefully) this will be our last rented accommodation! Next house, we will OWN!

The Reaneys

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