Yesterday was End of Tenancy day. Or so we thought. Let me fill you in.

We met the landlord at the house at 4pm. The children were doing their usual “I’m trying desperately to behave but I’ve just been freed from school after 6 hours of hell and I just have these random burst of energy and noise that I just have to let out in this weird Turrets style, mostly at the times you’re going to be trying to talk to this weird boring mean man Mummy that ok with you? No, soz, deal with it”.

So, we had the keys ready, the place looking spotless. The garden had been done, the windows had been cleaned, the carpet had been cleaned, I ran the hoover round just one more time.

In walks the landlord, nice enough moment, ish, and onwards with the “inspection” I knew Mike was best talking to him, I guess he’s just a mans man, you know?!!?

So we havnt pulled a small wire track off the wall, and mike was dealing with that immediately. Landlord checks the garden, “well I wouldn’t give you an A for gardening but there we go” erm, dude, it’s winter?! The grass is shit, it has been mowed at least, in winter, the entire garden is weed, it’s condemned basically, you ain’t never getting no show home shit out of that nightmare! So get over that k?

So on and on it goes. And he finally says bar 2 keys we’ve lost, it’s all down to general wear and tear. Truly expecting a huge gardening bill and him genuinely thinking that’s ok, it’s all wear and tear! Thank “@@£ for THAT!!!

But, we have to paint a small patch of paint that ripped off in Mikes panic to sort the strip, so, we’re still in possession of number 12 until Monday! But despite that, we had a huge weight off us last night. And enjoyed a lovely glass of booze with Mary in celebration, because, not only did we (kinda) hand the house back yesterday, Mike FINISHED HIS JOB AT MORRISONS!!!!!!!

That’s right! 2 years of absolute shit, all being explained in a previous Blog, he has a new job!! Still driving. But my god it’s SUCH a relief to see him happier. And he starts on Tuesday!

Everything is just coming together perfectly.

The Reaneys

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