Oh, my god, 5 weeks?!

Holy hell, I Havnt written a blog post for 5 weeks? What?

So, I Havnt really written anything, or informed you all in any way, about how we’re all doing and settling at Manor Farm! Not. Good.

Well, we’re bloody fantastic. Really bloody fantastic. You know, we are all aware that we live in someone else’s house. With someone else. Who has had a very long time living on her own. But, it really is. Like living with family. We take time to spend with her and talk, and make sure she is ok and happy with what is going on. We eat dinner together every night. We share everything. We both food shop for our own comforts and particular bits we like, but, I just cook for her assuming she will eat with us as I would one of the children, or me!

We’re currently in week 2 of the Easter break, and Mike is away with work (which by the way is going really really well!) and today, Mary babysat the children while I worked! And everyone behaved and she wasn’t sat in the corner by her booze cupboard sipping whisky straight out the bottle whispering “never again, never again” with a Cat in the Hat style mess in the house when I got home. Success!

Last week we used our National Trust membership for the first time and went on a very wet Easter hunt and Harry Potter film spotting walk around Lacock Abbey. And we had such a lovely day! We also took Mary out for an escape to Clark’s Shoe Museum and Costa for a coffee and cake. I think she loved getting out the house!

So basically. Everyone is wonderful. I look forward to getting home so much. And I’m actually sleeping! Almost all night. Which is a total novelty. The children are incredibly happy. Me and Mike couldn’t be better. And Mary, well, she’s just perfect.

The Reaneys

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