I needed that!

So, our life is pretty hectic. Time out doesn’t exist. But, I think it does, most of the time. We go to school we work we spend so much time out of the house, we go home, we eat dinner and we go to bed. Well, the children do, I kick them into bed sometimes at my first opportunity, just so I can try and have an hour or two to myself, which ends up going a bit more like this….

Come on guys bedtime, get your teeth brushed, I’m far too tired to bath you right now so let’s just wet wipe those sodding golden mile spots off your arm, again!

Please put your pyjamas on, get into bed! No Ben you’ve had dinner, pudding, and a snack, AND a glass of milk you are not having anything else, now stop moaning. Oliver, don’t leave your glasses on the floor. Isabel get off your phone and do some reading. Boys you may chose a book to read in bed. I love you so much! Well done, yep you can read to each other then you MUST go to sleep, k? K love you night night. And I ignore anymore requests or excuses as to why they couldn’t possibly go to sleep just like I’d asked….pretending there is pure quiet and tranquility floating around the room and I actually just nailed bedtime.

And I slide down the stairs all jelly legs and starving hungry (cause I’m on a bastard diet) and hope that’s the last time I see or hear my beautiful little nightmares until morning.

I may just about have time to make it to the sofa and I sit down just in time to look relaxed and myself and I hear it, you know, the undeniably irritating reoccurring sound, footsteps.

So this goes on and on for maybe an hour or so, it is hot and light outside after all so I totally get why they think I’m forcing them to bed at 4pm….. BUT, it is also Love Island season. And most nights I just about get them to shut the F up in time for it to begin. That, then, is my time. An hour in the evening watching reality TV pretending I’m in complete control and I’ve nailed another day of parenting. Feeling completely accomplished and rested at the end of it.

So, sometimes, I get invited out, and usually I make some excuse as to why I couldn’t possibly go, when really I’m thinking about how much of a twat I am for declining because I never do anything for myself or go anywhere without my brood, and I wish so bad I had some cool place to be other than Tesco or work. So off I went to dinner at a friends house, with my sister and wowsers I needed it. I mean, the food was incredible and the chat was just what I needed and we did watch BOTH Magic Mike films, and we had a popcorn fight because really, we’re children, and I absolutely smashed 2 Maltese tricks, I mean, perfect huh?!

But, sometimes, I feel like this house we want so badly is just impossible. We are trying so hard to stay focused and stop spending and save as much as we can but, unhappiness causes us to lose focus and ‘treat ourselves’. Is that going to help? NO!

Now this house we went to is EVERYTHING I want someday. It reminded me, why we’re doing this and how lucky we are to be able to. We are actually SO lucky! And one day, we will have it. We will.

So, I really needed that.

Love, the Reaney’s

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