Slow & Steady

Holy shit, saving is hard work huh?!

So, before we lived here, I won’t lie, I adored shopping, and yeh guess what, I still do. Only now I can’t spend it! I don’t NEED those shorts, I just want them, I don’t NEED that lipstick I just want it….see where I’m going with this?

I also don’t need to buy lunch every day, I don’t need to spend £5 at the bakery that is RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE SALON where I work….but sometimes, I do.

So on the 16th of June, also my pay day, I decided I was going to cut it out for good and stop spending the £5 note in my purse or the £3 tip I got from the 3 hour colour I did on my client…jokes guys I love you all.

So, I have saved every pound coin, and note I have laid my hands on and it’s come home and in the jar it goes. And you know what? I feel pretty damn good about where it’s leading us!

We are a very long way off where we need to be, very long. And sometimes I just want to scream and give up and admit I’m not cut out for this at all. But, those days when I can cope with life (mostly when I’m not ovulating or on my period) I feel positive and think, yeh ok life at Manor Farm is SO hard a lot of the time. The constant stress, the working 36 hours a week, the being a single parent 4 days out of 8, the constant worry about Mary, is she ok, healthy, are we looking after her ok, is she happy? Does she hate us, and regret hugely letting us into her home, do we get in her way, on her nerves. Managing Manor Barn, laundry food shopping cleaning generally keeping my children clean fed and alive…Jesus honestly I can’t lie, I’m pretty incredible huh?! No seriously, as stressful as life at Manor Farm has turned out to be, I count us extremely lucky to be here, with Mary. Saving for our dream home. As slow as this journey is, we’re happy with slow & steady and enjoying every mile.

Love, The Reaneys

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