I Did It!!

I bought this jar from Sainsburys the week we decided to go for this and told myself then that I would put all of our cash above £1 in it, and I did just that, and then we convinced our selfs we needed it and we would dig in and we would spend it again. And so that went on for a very long while….

It’s payday tomorrow. Which means it been 1 entire month since I started saving every bit of cash that came into my possession. This may not seem like much to some, but to me, the fact that I promised myself and the family that I would do this and I actually did makes me so damn proud of myself! I’m that one who goes on a diet “for real this time”, I create a workout plan for my busy schedule and do one day, making plans and sticking to them isn’t really me, well, I am a Gemini! This is genuinely me breaking my bad habit and proving to myself more than anyone else that I am bloody dedicated and determined to reach our goal. So I saved every bit of cash for an entire month and tomorrow I bank it! All £214 of it. This is obviously, just the cash I have saved. I do save wages as well! One day I might tell you all how much but for now, I’ll keep that private…

I. Am. Thrilled.

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