It was worth it…

I’ve put this blog post off for a good week, simply because, I knew I had to write it, I just didn’t know what to say, I still don’t.

Moving to Manor Farm has been one of the most life changing periods of our lives as The Reaneys, and we will always be so very grateful to Mary for her pure heart and kindness. Taking in a family of 5 whom she barely knew and accepted us into her home for potentially 1-2 years, was just mind blowing.

When we decided to begin our dream home journey. We were so incredibly focused on changing everything in our lives that was bringing us way down. One of the biggest ones being Mikes job. Coming out of the army, the easiest thing to slide straight into was lorry driving. He had most of his licenses and used his resettlement to gain what he needed to take him into a secure driving job. Taking a night shift position seemed the ideal set up for our busy lives, I then worked part time at the salon, the children were at school and we just decided, him finishing work at 10/11am would enable me to work and he could pick the children up from school, and be with them until I got home from work at 5. Well, how wrong were we. For 2 years our lives faded into one big argument over this. We grew apart simply because of our schedules and everything just drowned us completely. We never saw each other. I was so miserable at the fact he’d left the army yet I saw him more in those days. I was stuck at home with the children while he went to bed at 4 for his shift to begin at 1am and we had to be so quiet each night. His days off weren’t his, he was far too tired to function which I got so cross at. We had no money yet we worked our backsides off. We decided we wanted to buy a house, on top of everything we thought that would help us, somehow.

But, was any of this either of our fault? No. It absolutely wasn’t. Any situation you’re in, in whatever stage of your life at any given point, something will happen where you have to make a choice. Make something happen, change something or just decide what the fuck you’re going to do. And, we did. We decided driving for Morrison’s, at that given time that, that was the best for us, for what we needed to happen. Just like that time you decide that last glass of wine wouldn’t hurt….yeh we’ve all been there, Havnt we?!

When we decided to move to Manor Farm, after an enormous amount of mulling it over. Talks with family, the children, each other, Mary, and trying to figure out how it would work. We made that decision at that time, because it WAS best.

After moving in, Mike managed to quit his job (told them where to ram it more like) without having another job lined up. Because we were here, we were financially safe. And he got another job pretty dang quick, still lorry driving, for a company easily accessible and local, working 4 on 4 off, enabling us to pay of SO much debt and clear SO much worry and angst about our finances. To even be able to do that, my god, it’s just so amazing! And all because of Mary!

But now, we have had a new decision to make. A few bumps in the road have led us to the need to make it. And the opportunity was put to us which made it a lot easier. So, after an incredible 6 months at Manor Farm, debt free and financially stable, we are moving back, back home, back into a rented home, back where our lives are.

Knowing what’s coming up in our near future, including school changes, we could not sacrifice them to new schools because of dream home journey, the worry and guilt of that weighed so so heavy, my work has grown so much, my column at the salon is just amazing, taking on full time hours and being the only full time hair stylist there soon as we lose an amazing team member to become a new mummy, I need to be head strong for my girls at work and they need to rely on me. Which I feel they can’t yet, as I’m under it so much here!

We decided to just take a look at houses available and found one within our budget in a location we desired for a long time and it’s just perfectly situated for our every day life! OK it’s not ours, OK we didn’t save as much as we wanted, but my god we have recovered from such a dark place, we are so happy with life. And we’re so very grateful.

Thank you Mary. We love you.

The Reaneys

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