So, welcome. I’m Lauren, busy full time working wife to Mike. Mum to Isabel 9, Oliver 7 & Ben, 3.

We are stuck in the dreaded rented housing. We are very lucky we have a great monthly income. But, in the area we live (Somerset) housing prices, rented & owned are extortionate.

For a while now we have wondered could we sack it all in? Could we downsize? What exactly could we do to save for that all important (sometimes impossible) deposit.

Despite the new budget helping ‘first time buyers’ we still need at least 5%. On a house in this area, 4 bedrooms?…200k PLUS! that’s a BIG deposit.

Our monthly rent on this 4 bed is £925 a month! Killer.

So we’re putting our feet down. We are moving! We have been very kindly offered by a beautiful friend who lives in a village nearby to live with her for a very tiny monthly rent to save as much as possible for our deposit. We are hoping to have up to 24k in the first year!

We are terrified! But very excited to see where this next chapter takes us! Join us, come along as see how we cope with this HUGE transition in our lives.