One of those days

You know, one of THOSE days.

So, it’s yet again been a very long time. I don’t often write blogs anymore simply because, well, nobody reads them!

I won’t bore you all caching you up since the last one, my Instagram does that if you want to check that out @lifewithlaurenemma

We were doing SO well, Mary was well, Mike was well, the kids were amazing, and I felt great. I’m yo-yo dieting (standard) and decided it was the week to be on it. I went to my Cambridge consultant, who by the way is amazing, and the diet really does work! When you’re on it. *slaps hand* then, Mary goes back into hospital. Yep, she’s in there now. She’s fine! But she isn’t here, with us, where she belongs. I’m tired, stressed. Ya know…I do have 2 days off work Monday & Tuesday which I really need. And Mike is off Monday with me! I know! Yay! And I just caved. Food. Drink. Snacks.

Today is Father’s Day. Which always brings hugely mixed emotions. My wonderful Mike is amazing. Yes he’s a lazy shit sometimes and he drives me batshit crazy, but my god he’s good at being a Daddy and the perfect kinda man for me. Then, I want to wish my Daddy a happy Father’s Day, but I can’t. It hurts like hell to say that, the truth really does hurt sometimes.

So, we got sorted and dressed and over to my dads grave this afternoon to lay flowers and just sit with him for a while. Which he would call me silly for doing. He’s not there I know he’s not, he’s with me wherever I go. But, still. So, we lay flowers, we sit, we all cry (apart from Mike, tough guy) and we all clamber back into the car and decide to cheer ourselves up with a takeaway tonight as it’s dads day and I’m a greedy bitch who ain’t cooking cause you know, I’m upset. Then the arguments come over what to get! So what do we do, hit Tesco, deciding we all want different I bloody well give in and we all are having something different. Don’t you just love that about families, meals are never the same and nobody ever agrees so you just cook whatever the hell will shut them up? No seriously, I’m totes happy with my takeaway Desperados Mexican Chilli nachos….

So, yeh, saving for a house, and we spent £43 on tea. But it was good. Sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy.

Love, the Reaney’s